Workshops in Raleigh

Intro to Shakespeare

with Samantha Corey

In this workshop you will learn several tools to help you understand Shakespeare. Whether you wish to be a better actor or better understand his plays, you’ll be impressing friends in no time! You’ll also receive a packet of monologues for audition prep, and perform a monologue to your peers.

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Intro to Shakespeare
Ages (18+)
4 hours
Studio    $TBD

So You Think You Can't Dance?

Dance audition prep workshop for movers

with Morgan Piner

Do you have an audition coming up? Have you wanted to take a dance class, but haven't had the opportunity? This is your chance! 

This workshop is for the performer who has ever felt timid to go to a dance audition or just skipped it all together! In this judge free workshop, you will learn basic dance steps you are bound to run into at a dance call, learn how a combo is taught, learn how an audition is executed and learn tips and tricks in how to "sell it" even if you have little to no dance training. The whole purpose of this workshop is to take away the fear and uncertainty you may have in the room. Towards the end of class there will be a stress free "mock audition" to give you the experience of what a dance audition may look like. There will also be time for Q&A. Please bring comfortable shoes. No hard sole dress shoes, please.

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*has been combined with "Bodywork" workshop*
Ages (13 +)
Sunday, December 8th 
Studio A   $35

BODYWORK - Break Out of Your Box

with Hayden Tyler

This class is for actors who feel limited by their body. Do you struggle to break free from your physical habits? Do you have a nervous tic you can't control? Do you struggle to make your characters look and feel different? Are you bored with playing yourself in every project?

In this workshop, you will listen to your body and speak its hidden language. You will recognize how to perform body language which builds characters who look and move distinctly different from the way you do in daily life. You will discover how to delete habits that don't serve your performance and program habits that do. Using ideas rooted in the intersection of biomechanics and the Alexander technique, you will actively plan your character's subconscious reactions and achieve new depth in your ability to communicate your character's rich inner life.

This workshop is designed for actors at all stage of craftsmanship. You need only bring yourself, preferably wearing clothes that allow for unrestricted range of motion.

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*has been combined with "So, You Think You Can't Dance?" workshop*
Ages (13 +)
Sunday, December 8th 
Studio A   $35