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In the Beginning, there was a Monologue

The Seventh-Month Stretch: Reflecting on

On-Camera Acting for TV’/Film level 1


In the realm of acting, the monologue stands as an essential rite of passage, a sacred moment where an actor's true prowess is unveiled. It is within the confines of a single character's soliloquy that the raw power of storytelling is unleashed, and the actor's ability to captivate an audience is truly put to the test. The monologue, with its unfiltered expression of thoughts and emotions, serves as a canvas for actors to showcase their talent, delve deep into their character's psyche, and leave an indelible impression on the hearts and minds of those who bear witness. It is in these solitary moments that an actor can truly shine, revealing their true depth, skill, and command over their craft. The monologue is not merely a showcase of technical ability, but a gateway to emotional vulnerability and artistic exploration. It is a reminder that acting is not just about reciting lines or assuming a character's physicality; it is about baring one's soul, fearlessly exposing the human experience, and inviting the audience on a transformative journey.

Guided by Industry Experience:

At Back To One Acting Studio, I had the privilege of working with a professional acting teacher who not only possessed a wealth of knowledge but also understood the ins and outs of the industry. Their guidance became a beacon of light in my journey, as they shared invaluable insights and techniques that were tailored specifically for film acting. Their expertise allowed me to navigate the nuances of the craft with greater clarity and purpose.

Unearthing the Intimacy Within Monologues:

Self Tape

One of the most profound realizations during my training, specifically my first class at the studio, was the importance of intimacy in film acting. Unlike the stage, where projecting emotions to reach the back row is the norm, the camera demands a more internalized and subtle approach. I learned to embrace the power of stillness and the impact of the tiniest facial expressions, as they can convey volumes of emotion. Through this newfound understanding, I tapped into a deeper sense of vulnerability and authenticity, allowing my performances to resonate on a more profound level.

The Challenge of Self-Acting:

One of the most significant challenges I faced as a film actor was the art of self-acting. Scenes that required me to perform without the energy and interaction of scene partners presented a unique set of hurdles. It pushed me to rely solely on my instincts and trust in my training. Embracing the discomfort, I learned to connect with the camera as my silent scene partner, pouring my emotions and intentions into each moment. It was a constant reminder of the courage required to be truly present and vulnerable when there is no one to bounce off of but yourself.

Level 1

Beyond Academics: Bridging the Gap:

Reflecting on my previous education in Drama during university, I realized that it hadn't fully prepared me for the practicalities of the acting profession. Though I do not regret my decision, and believe it taught me my foundation to be a resilient actor, who sacrificed stability for my adoration. The simplest of training bridged the gap between theory and practice, equipping me with industry-relevant skills and knowledge. The emphasis on real-world techniques, hands-on experience, and industry insights are the key to authentic acting.

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