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Beginner Irish Dance Workshop

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by learning a jig or two! If you have ever seen Riverdance or Lord of the Dance and wish you could master the steps, now is your chance! We will begin with the basics of Irish dance technique, along with a warm-up and stretching, and finish with learning a beginner jig. Please come wearing athletic clothes you can move in (and sweat in - Irish dance is a great workout) and a full water bottle. Dancers may wear various dance shoes for class including ballet soft shoes, jazz shoes, or barefoot - whatever they feel most comfortable in! Get ready to have fun and take a journey to the Emerald Isle all without ever leaving the studio!

At the Studio

gus allen teaching character for actors.

Monologue Mastery

For anyone who dreads monologues, whether for an audition or as part of the role you just accepted, this class is the ultimate tool to make you as prepared as possible.


At the Studio

gus allen teaching character for actors.

Building Character for the Actor/Improviser

Hear why having character acting skills is so important and discover all the tools that you can use to transform your voice, body, and spirit when you hit the stage.

At the Studio

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Discover Sanford Meisner's way of working that is taught in college, university, and studio acting programs across the globe!

Become a serious acting student. Study online twice a week and experience acting at higher level!

JAN 12 - APR 1


Dialects for the Actor (UK)

Cheers! Step into the United Kingdom where you will delve into a 4 region crash-course to cover the most popular UK dialects used in theatre and film: British RP, Cockney, Scottish, and Irish.

Dialects for the Actor (American)

Take a trip through the Land of the Free and take a four-week crash course to explore some of the main U.S. regional dialects: New York, Louisiana, Texas, and Minnesota! Explore vocal positioning, intonation, rhythm/musicality, and apply them to scenes and monologues. Let's go! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!


Dancing for Actors Course

This course will cover dance basics and help you learn moves that can improve performance for comedic characters, find the correct posture for period projects, learn the essential steps in any musical theatre combo, and answer the age-old question of 'Where am I going to take a dance class?'

6:00 - 7:00pm

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Beginning Meisner Technique

The beginning class explores Sanford Meisner's famous "Repetition Game" as THE tool for more honest listening and authentic response to your partner/partners onstage. 

DANA MARKS 2019 - 4 crop.jpg

Meisner II

Participants from the beginning class turn training into practice with partnered improvised scenes, deeper exploration of Emotional Preparation, and how one uses the technique inside scripted scene work. 


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