Coaching & Audition Taping

Professional Grade

With a growing industry and accessible technology, self tapes are becoming, if not already the norm. Because so many self tapes are submitted for casting it's important yours stands out. That includes not only good acting, but lighting, sound and production. Back-to-one taping services provide great video quality, audio, coaching, as well as readers.

Taped auditions with coaching

edited and uploaded  - $75/hour  - $45/ 30 min 

To schedule your coaching, please email!

We'll need to know:

-your deadline for your audition if you have one

-your date/time preference

-if you want a 30-minute or 60-minute session

Back-to-One offers private coaching in many areas of training. Private coaching provides the artist one-on-one individualized instruction for each creative need. 

  • Audition techniques/ prep

  • Voice lessons

  • Dialect/ Speech 

  • Acting

  • Script analysis

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